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Spectator Information

Conformation Judging

8AM to 6PM


Each day, each of the over 150 breeds and varieties is judged individually according to the recognized standard of the breed. A standard is like a “blueprint” of the physical characteristics that makes each breed unique. A judge usually has his or her own interpretation of the standard, which is why the same dogs don’t always win each day. Dogs are judged on how they look and how they move, based on the purpose for which they were bred. This is what is called “conformation” judging, as the dogs are judged on how well they “conform” to the standard.

A dog show is a continuous process of elimination; the LKC shows begin with over1000 dogs, ending up with just one Best in Show winner. Dogs first compete in their breed or variety. Dogs that have not yet attained their AKC championship are competing for champion points; champion dogs, called "specials," are competing for the best of their breed or variety, so that they may go forward into group competition. Only one dog (male) or bitch (female) may be awarded Best of Breed or Variety in each respective breed.


Each Best of Breed or Variety winner then moves on to compete in its respective group. The American Kennel Club has categorized dog breeds into groups based on what dogs have been bred to do. There are four placements awarded in each group; however, only the group winner will go on to compete for Best in Show.

By winning the "First in Group" competition, that dog joins an elite group of winners of the seven group competitions that go on to compete for the ultimate "Best in Show award, the coveted red, white and blue ribbon.


Information on the Obedience and Rally Trials, that will be held in conjunction with the Conformation show, can be found Here.


The Dog Show is a great place to check out that Breed of Dog you are interested in and to get first hand information about the Breed.

If you would like to look at specific breed or two, or to watch the Obedience or Rally Trials, the judging times will be found in the Judging Program about a week before the show and will be linked here.

Judging Program


Saturday & Sunday, May 24 & 25, 2013

A new Exhibitor Briefing will be held during each Show.

The briefing location & time will be posted in the Judging Programs.

Spectators are welcome to attend.


Junior Showmanship Workshop

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Time: Immediately following the completion

of Junior Showmanship Competition

As Soon As Rings Become Available


Sponsored by Langley Kennel Club, Inc.

General Information


The HRCC building is a non-smoking facility.


Parents will be responsible for children. The Event-giving Clubs, the Superintendent, their agents, employees,

and the HRCC etc, assume no responsibility for injury to children.

For the safety of the children, NO BABY STROLLERS will be permitted in the  building.





Parking is Free

Tickets may be purchased at the Door


$5.00  Adults

$3.00 Seniors, Military Families & Children

Free for

Active Duty Military & Children Under 12


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