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AKC Program for Mixed Breed Dogs

1. Why did AKC decide to embark on the AKC Canine Partners program? AKC launched the AKC Canine Partners program as an effort to act more broadly and effectively as the dog's champion. AKC is focused on helping all dogs and the people who love them through education about Responsible Dog Ownership and support of canine health research. By launching this program we hope to encourage more people to train their dogs and participate in the exciting world of AKC dog events.


2. What do enrollees receive with an AKC Canine Partners listing?

The AKC Canine Partners listing entitles mixed-breed owners to many benefits including:

o Lifetime enrollment in AKC CAR Lost & Found Recovery Service

o AKC CAR collar tag with AKC Canine Partners Listing Number

o One-year subscription to AKC Family Dog magazine

o Customized AKC Canine Partners Certificate of Recognition

o AKC Canine Partners Decal

o Eligibility to participate in AKC Companion Events


3. Who is eligible to participate in the AKC Canine Partners Listing Program?

The AKC Canine Partners program is for mixed-breed dogs and dogs that are not currently eligible for AKC registration or AKC FSS enrollment. All dogs in the Canine Partners program must be spayed or neutered. (Wolf hybrids are not eligible.)


4. How can I list my mixed-breed dog with AKC Canine Partners?

     Owners of eligible mixed-breed dogs may enroll into the AKC Canine Partners program either online at  

    www.akc.org/mixedbreeds/listing/index.cfm or download a paper application  at

    www.akc.org/pdfs/mixedBreed/ADM001.pdf If you do not have access to online services, please call

     919-816-3657 to have a paper application mailed to you.


5. When will enrolled dogs be able to compete in AKC events?

     The first events accepting mixed-breed entries will take place on or after April 1, 2010.


6. In what type of events may I show my listed mixed-breed dog?

Dogs enrolled into the AKC Canine Partners program may participate In sanctioned AKC Agility, Obedience and AKC Rally® trials. Mixed-breeds will compete in the same classes as purebreds at events where entries for mixed-breeds are accepted.

Any AKC club hosting an all-breed AKC Agility, Obedience or AKC Rally® Trial has the option to accept entries for mixed-breeds. Please ensure that mixed-breed entries are accepted at your events prior to submitting your entry.


7. How do I get started in participating in AKC events?

      Dog owners interested in participating in AKC events can go to www.akc.org/events/trainingclub to find an AKC club that offers training classes in their local area. There are many classes to choose from based on you and your dog’s experience levels.

The AKC Canine Good Citizen® certificate program is another great way to kick off your training regimen. This program encourages responsible pet ownership and rewards dogs with good manners. AKC Canine Partners Program FAQ If you are already experienced in Agility, Obedience, and Rally all you will need to do is list your dog with AKC Canine Partners to receive your AKC number and enter events accepting mixed-breed entries. Agility competitors will need an AKC Agility Height Card. Please contact your local club for measuring clinic schedules or you can have your dog measured at the first trial you attend.


8. How can I find AKC events accepting mixed-breed entries?


    You may look for events accepting mixed-breed entries in the AKC Event Search website:

   www.akc.org/events/search. Click on the “Agility, Obedience, AKC Rally®” tab, then check the box for

   “Mixed-Breeds” to narrow your search of Agility, Obedience and Rally events accepting mixed-breed entries.


9. What types of titles will my AKC Canine Partners listed dog be able to earn?

Mixed-breed dogs will earn the same titles as purebreds.


10. Will the AKC Canine Partners program replace the AKC PAL (ILP) program?

AKC Canine Partners will NOT take the place of the AKC Purebred Alternative Listing, PAL, previously known as ILP. The AKC PAL program is for a dog believed to be purebred, from an AKC recognized breed, but cannot be registered with the AKC. PAL dogs may participate in some breed specific performance events in addition to AKC Agility, Obedience and AKC Rally®.


11. Will I have to record the breeds included in my mixed-breed dog?

When you enroll your dog in the AKC Canine Partners program you will have the option to select up to two breeds that you believe are in your dog’s background. This information will appear on the Certificate of Recognition. AKC does not record this information.


12. What if I own a dog that is recognized as a “purebred” by organizations other than the AKC but is not recognized as a purebred by the AKC? Can I participate in AKC Canine Partners?

Yes. You would be eligible to enroll in the AKC Canine Partners program. Your dog would be required to be spayed or neutered and whenever the dog is entered in an event, it would be designated as a mixed-breed.


Before enrolling into the AKC Canine Partners program, please check your breed’s AKC registrability status by going to www.akc.org/breeds/index.cfm?nav_area=breeds. A full list of breeds, including Foundation Stock Service® (FSS®) breeds, is provided.

If you own a purebred dog that is a breed not yet recognized by the AKC, you should consider participating in the FSS program. AKC permits FSS breeds that meet the criteria listed below to compete in all AKC Companion Events:

• Breed must be enrolled in the AKC FSS program:

1. Breed must have a breed standard

2. At least one dog in the breed which is recorded in the FSS® program must have a three generation pedigree

• Individual dog must be enrolled into FSS


Those wishing to pursue recording with FSS should contact AKC staff at fss@akc.org. For more details on the FSS process please go to: www.akc.org/reg/fss_details.cfm.


13. How will I receive my Agility Height card for event participation?

Please contact your local club to find out upcoming schedules for measuring clinics. If a measuring clinic is not available, your dog will be measured at the first trial that you enter and attend.