Dear Eager to Continue,


First off, congratulations on your Companion Dog title and welcome to the next skill level of AKC obedience competition...the Open Class. 

You will want to familiarize yourself with the AKC Obedience Regulations guidelines amended to January 1. 2009, especially the principle features of the Open High and Broad Jump exercises and the prerequisites to your dog's jump heights, Chapter 4, Section 11 Retrieve Over High Jump (pages 32 and 33) and Section 13 Broad Jump (page 33)

  A jump height is determined by the height of the dog at the withers (see the Standard Jump Height Table below).  The minimum jump height for approved breeds will be set in accordance with the table listed in Appendix A.  The actual height of the dog is rounded to the nearest multiple of 2 inches to determine the minimum jump height (exception for dogs eligible for the 4 inch jump height).  Dogs eligible for 4" jump height must be less than 7 1/2 inches at the withers.  


· Measured height of dog at withers                          Minimum height to be jumped

· Less than 71⁄2"                                                                          4"

· 71⁄2" to 9"                                                                                   8"

· Greater than 9" up to 11"                                                        10"

· Greater than 11" up to 13"                                                      12"

· Greater than 13" up to 15"                                                      14"

· Greater than 15" up to 17"                                                      16"

· Greater than 17" up to 19"                                                      18"

· Greater than 19" up to 21"                                                      20"

· Greater than 21" up to 23"                                                      22"

· Greater than 23" up to 25"                                                      24"

· Greater than 25" up to 27"                                                      26"

· Greater than 27" up to 29"                                                      28"

· Greater than 29" up to 31"                                                      30"

· Greater than 31" up to 33"                                                      32"

· Greater than 33" up to 35"                                                      34"

· Greater than 35" up to 37"                                                      36"

· Greater than 37"                                                                       36"


The minimum jump height for breeds listed in Appendix A (listed below) shall be set to three-quarters the dog’s actual height at the withers. This jump height shall also be rounded to a multiple of 2 inches. The minimum jump heights for approved breeds will be set in accordance with the table listed in Appendix A. Handlers of these breeds may choose to have the dog jump higher than listed in the table.


List of breeds approved for the three-quarter jump height


Akita                                        Chinese Shar-Pei                            Kuvaszok  

Argentine Dogos                    Clumber Spaniels                            Lagotto Romagnoli

Basset Hounds                       Dachshunds                                     Leonbergers

Bergamascos                         Dogues De Bordeaux                     Neopolitan Mastiffs

Bernese Mountain Dogs       Estrela Mountain Dogs                    Newfoundlands

Black Russian Terriers          French Bulldogs                               Otterhounds

Bloodhounds                          Grand Basset Griffon Vendeens     PBGV's

Bolognese                              Great Danes                                      Portuguese Podengos

Borzoi                                      Great Pyrenees                                Saint Bernards

Bulldogs                                  Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs        Skye Terriers

Bullmastiffs                              Irish Wolfhounds                               Sussex Spaniels

Cardigan Welsh Corgi's        Kishu Kens                                        Thai Ridgebacks

Caucasian Mountain Dogs    Kooikerhondjes


Three-Quarter Jump Height Table


· Measured height of dog at withers      Minimum height to be jumped

· Less than 10"                                                                     4"

· 10" to less than 121⁄2"                                                      8"

· 121⁄2" to less than 15"                                                    10"

· 15" to less than 171⁄2"                                                    12"

· 171⁄2" to less than 20"                                                    14"

· 20" to less than 23"                                                          16"

· 23" to less than 251⁄2"                                                     18"

· 251⁄2" to less than 28"                                                     20"

· 28" to less than 31"                                                          22"

· 31" to less than 331⁄2"                                                     24"

· 331⁄2" to less than 36"                                                     26"

· 36" to less than 39"                                                          28"


Jump heights in obedience are set in multiples of 2 inches with no dog jumping less than 4 inches or more than 36 inches. Handlers who choose to have their dogs jump more than the minimum required height will neither be penalized nor receive extra consideration.    You will annotate your dog's jump height in the Obedience Class block of the official AKC Entry Form (refer to the club's event premium list).  On the day of the trial, obedience ring stewards (based on the jump height you listed) will preset the jumps.  The judge makes certain the jump height is correct and may, at their discretion, verify the dog's height by measuring them at the withers at ringside. 

Chapter 4, Section 13 of the AKC Obedience Regulations (page 34) covers the distances required by the Broad Jump. “The broad jump will consist of four white telescoping hurdles, all about 8 inches wide. The largest hurdle will measure about 5 feet long and about 6 inches at the highest point. In the ring, they will be arranged in order of size, evenly spaced, covering a distance equal to twice the height of the high jump setting for each dog.  Therefore, if your dog is required to jump a minimum of 14” on the high jump, then the broad jump will be set at 28”.  I know this can seem confusing at first, but, like your training, taken slow & steady, it will work out.

                                                        Happy Heeling - Pat Harris